Nearly Opposite Reactions

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This episode is a follow-up to Here Be Monsters Episode 40, in which producer Emile B Klein talks to the pastor of The Reformation Puritan Bible Church, an anti-papal and white supremacist organization.

If you haven't already heard that episode, go ahead and listen to it first.

In this episode, Elle Farmer and Anise Hotchkiss offer their thoughts on the show. One argues for justified hatred and the other argues for compassion in every circumstance.

In her letter to the show, Anise offers the example of Rabbi Weisser and former KKK leader Larry Trapp, who managed to create a friendship formed out of compassion. You can read that full story from the New York Times or listen to Re:Sound, in podcast form.

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Emile B Klein - Director of "You're U.S."

Jeff Emtman

Jeff Emtman