Head of Content

The Opportunity:

Reporting to the President, KCRW is recruiting a Chief Content Officer who will head a dynamic and creative team of content producers across platforms. In addition to the traditional radio broadcasts, the CCO will help lead KCRW news and cultural affairs, on-demand podcast market, and create live event engagement opportunities. The executive hired will be responsible for working with the President to create the leadership, vision, strategic plan, and daily administration of KCRW's content team in, radio, podcasting, social media and live events.

Qualifications of the Ideal Candidate:

  • A successful track record of leading, building, mobilizing and managing creative teams, including development, programming and production.
  • Senior level experience leading complex strategic and business initiatives in a multiplatform company, including prior direct oversight of content development, production and acquisition including but not limited to traditional radio and digital.
  • Significant experience with strategic programming, content and business disciplines, to provide a successful offering in the rapidly changing and highly competitive media universe.
  • Keen understanding of KCRW’s target audience (demographic and psychographic), including a deep appreciation of what drives/motivates this audience, how they utilize a wide range of traditional and digital media, and how their consumption patterns are changing.
  • Strong knowledge and point of view about the digital media landscape, including well thought-out positions on trends, opportunities and category direction, as well as direct cross-platform expertise.
  • A demonstrated track record as a talent magnet, including finding, nurturing and managing external and internal talent.
  • Strong management and leadership skills anchored in a clear and concise articulation of vision, goals, strategies, values/culture, and roles and responsibilities.
  • Exceptional degree of emotional intelligence, displaying a collaborative, transparent and communicative work style that results in excellence of execution and a supportive/effective work environment.
  • Full resonance with the values and culture of KCRW with the ability to excel within this environment and interact with internal and external constituents in a highly effective manner.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including proven presentation skills with Board and senior level external constituents.
  • An excitement about and a commitment to the mission of KCRW, and a strong desire to serve the community.
  • Exceptional business, operational and administrative skills.
  • Exceptional values including impeccable personal and business ethics.

If you meet the qualifications and are interested please contact: Melissa Petersen at m.petersen@stantonchase.com or 410-528-8400 ext.109.