April Volunteer of the Month!

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Meet the wonderful Blake “Blake V” Veit.

Blake started out as one of our SMC Interns last semester, and since that time, has impressed us all with her commitment, enthusiasm, and general outstanding outlook on life. Since she started here, Blake has been happy to involve herself in many different projects and departments. Currently she is training to do fill in work for our Underwriting Dept, all the while maintaining a weekly stint of production assistance for Travis Holcombe, and helping our music department with a myriad of projects and spending time at the front desk… all of this while being an SMC student AND holding down a real estate job! Where do we find these people? Can we have more like her?

Where did you grow up and are you an only child?

I grew up in Orange County, CA and I am an only child! I now reside in Long Beach.

What is your current occupation?
I do have quite a bit that keeps me busy – I currently work part time as a Legal Assistant in commercial real estate and side-gig as a graphic designer but my passion is music/radio/tv so I spend the rest of my time pursuing Broadcasting through various endeavors.

What is your fantasy occupation?
My fantasy occupation is to DJ my own show on a local radio station. Maybe even KCRW one day!

When did you first discover KCRW?
I found KCRW as a teenager among friends who listened to the station, on a constant search for new music. Particularly in a corporate radio world, stations like KCRW stand out so much to those looking for unique sounds and growing up, as I became more invested in discovering new music, a lot of what I heard on KCRW was before anywhere else and I loved that aspect of the station.

How did you find your way to our station for volunteering?
For the past few years I’ve been pursuing Broadcasting and having lived and attended schools in Orange County, it was time to expand northward into LA. I started taking Media classes at SMC and after seeing the KCRW drive tents up on campus (and being a long-time listener), it was like a sign that it was time to get involved!

What’s your current volunteer position and how long have you been at it?
As recently deemed by Mr. Danny Sway a “Jill of all Trades”, I’ve really tried to make the most of my time while at KCRW. I began as an intern in September 2013 manning the front desk and now I split my time between the front desk, the Music Library and production assistance for Travis Holcombe (and whatever shows I can fill-in on). And most recently begun tackling the world of Underwriting!

Favorite volunteer moment?
There are honestly quite a few – KCRW is an awesome place to spend time. Seeing my first studio performance (of Wild Beasts) on MBE was really cool – the studio setting is a whole new experience. Although consistently, I’ve really enjoyed my time in the Music Library and production assisting. Music is what I want to be around and I’m so thrilled every time I’m around the library and the studio. But I also must say being April’s Volunteer of the Month is quite an honor!

If you could get on the mic and say one sentence on the air, what would it be?
“Hello Santa Monica, you’re listening to Blake V on member supported 89.9 KCRW.”

What song have you hit repeat on lately?
Thankfully this is limited to “lately”…lately I’ve really been into “The Epilogue” by Crosses. Also, “Tell Me What’s On Your Mind” by Allah-Las and “Into the Fire” by new favs Bandito Folk.

Favorite book, movie?
I feel like such a “fangirl” but since I was a kid, the favorite book has been Harry Potter (I went to The Wizarding World of HP in Florida a few years ago – it ruled). Favorite movie “Splendor in the Grass” … and many things Judd Apatow.

Favorite thing to do outside the station (hobbies, recreation, etc.)?
I love going to shows, embarking on culinary adventures, sleeping in, playing guitar, traveling, watching Twilight Zone and being outdoors (namely beach-going, rollerblading and picnic-having).

What does KCRW mean to you?
KCRW really means a lot to me. If I had to sum up my experience in a word it would be “opportunity”. Since I’ve begun, I feel like I’ve been given fantastic opportunities to contribute my abilities and have been recognized for them. I’ve held internships in the past but none of them quite like KCRW. Not only does KCRW provide great support and guidance for volunteers and interns, but being able to spend time as a volunteer and music lover at such an influential radio station really is an amazing opportunity!

We are so happy to have multi-talented people here at KCRW like Blake V.  It’s great to see someone cool as a cucumber while invested in so many different projects in different departments. Maybe she hides a cape in her backpack, because I’m beginning to think that Blake is Supergirl.