Archer Career Day comes to KCRW

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KCRW played host to 4 girls from the Archer School for Girls for their career day.  One of the students, Moira, reflects on her day here!

Growing up in Santa Monica with a sound engineer for a father meant listening to KCRW every morning on the way to school, and every afternoon on the way home. For some, this may seem like a decent way to spend a car-ride; however, this was sadly not the case for a 7-year-old. While my dad would intently listen to the melodic voices quietly pierce through the car stereo, I was bored…

But, as I grew older, I found myself excited for those times in the car with my dad. I also found myself eagerly awaiting a new story on This American Life, or even turning up the volume when I came across a catchy new song on Morning Becomes Eclectic. I could safely, and happily, say that KCRW had permeated into my morning routine.

Setting foot in the KCRW station for the first time today brought forth a sense of nostalgia. Walking down the hall and carefully inspecting every photo of the artists who had graced the station, I found myself laughing and thinking, “I remember listening to that performance!”

The tour we went on only escalated my excitement. As we continued down the halls, the newsroom and the fabled recording studio became real places, and not just magical, unknown lands inside the head of a 7-year-old girl. I was particularly elated when we were given the opportunity to write and record promos for our very own radio shows. Although I do love to talk, hearing my own voice was startling to say the least! But with my head wedged in-between the headphones, I felt comforted behind the large mic.

After our incredible visit to the vast music library, conversations with engineers and producers, and gawking at more photos, it was too soon to leave. But as soon as we got back in the car, I flipped on the radio; it was still on 89.9.

-Moira J.

We were happy to have them!  

Check Moira’s classmate, Yasmeen, on her first time on the mic!