Be a (Special) Part of the KCRW Pledge Drive

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Get involved with the KCRW drive!

If you follow KCRW on facebook/twitter/foursquare/youtube/tumblr/instagram/pinterest then you know that KCRW is diving head-first into pledge drive chaos!

You’ll notice all of the fun things we sprinkle across the internet to (delightfully?) remind you all that we:

  1. Exist.
  2. Survive on donations from you, the wonderful and intelligent consumer of our content.
  3. Would never pander to you.  You, the brilliant and charming reader of these words.  Is that a new haircut?   It looks great.
  4.  We need your help to continue to exist.

The reality is that public radio is driven by you.  You are the ones who guide us on what to put out in the world, and alternatively we have you own a stake in our process by donating.

Over the next week and a half you’ll hear spots on air from some familiar voices, and you’ll also see messages asking for your help across the internet.  Hopefully you will find them to be fun.

If you don’t think they’re fun, then why not do something about it!  You are the ones who know us best, our members.  You are the ones that listen to us the most intently and have opinions about what it is we provide for the world.

Why not get involved?  Make a video?  Send us a picture?  Create a meme?

However you want to show off your love for all things KCRW, we want to see it.  Share it on our Facebook page and spread the love.

To get the ball rolling, enjoy this message from American Treasure David Lynch.

And to continue the ball rolling, here’s a message from a banana.

and here are some more of our favorite listener submitted messages that #SupportKCRW.

That’s right, Josh Groban made us a song. #NBD

The Business’ Producer Darby’s darling daughter SYD!

Yeah Time lapse.

And here are some memes.