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At KCRW, our public media mission depends on our ability to connect with our listeners and readers. Your feedback helps inform our programming. 

KCRW introduced comments on our website in 2009, before the rise of today’s ever-connected social media landscape. Since then, we’ve explored multiple ways of connecting digitally with our audience – some with great results, some not as effective. After great deliberation, we’ve determined that the comments section on our site isn’t providing value for an overwhelming majority of our users and listeners. As such, we have discontinued the blog and show-page comments across

Our online audience has grown significantly over the past decade, with 4.4 million unique visitors accessing our site in 2016. Far less than 1% of our visitors are commenting on our site, and over half of our total comments site-wide were flagged as spam.

We are passionate about the value of audience conversations around the news we cover and the unique music we curate for our listeners. Here are the communication outlets we will be heavily relying on going forward:

  • Our KCRW social media presence is far-reaching and vibrant. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more. We’re always looking to find you on the latest social media outlets.   
  • Each show, including individual DJ shows, has personalized social accounts where hosts and producers engage with their audience (see below).
  • KCRW offers tons of volunteer and audience engagement opportunities where audience members can interact directly with their local communities, be it at talk events, music shows, KCRW festival booths, screenings, you name it, we’re always ready to help answer questions. 
  • We have an entire team dedicated to Audience Relations to address feedback on programming, story/music submissions, and technical support, go to our help/contact pages, or simply give us a good, old-fashioned call at 310-450-5183

Our experiment in public media and audience interaction will continue. We are constantly working on improvements to our site and refining our social media channels to reach more people and make sure that everyone can make their voice heard on the topics that they are passionate about. We’ll continue asking for input on how to best go about this and, above all, want to ensure our public media conversation continues to be a two-way street.

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