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What a year it has been! And it's only half over. There are plenty of distressing and disturbing stories to tell about LA's housing market and homelessness crisis right now, and lots of conflicts to dive into. But I want to use this space to share one small, hopeful story about the power of community support.

I recently updated the story of Christine Curtiss, an unhoused woman I followed in last year's Samaritans podcast. In the podcast, her story gave an inside look at LA's complex and often disorganized homeless services system. But it also ended on a hopeful note, with a promise of permanent housing. Last month, that promise finally came through and Christine moved into an apartment.

After the update aired, listeners got in touch. So many people wanted to help Christine furnish her new place, I ended up setting up an online registry. Thanks to you, she received new bedsheets, cooking and cleaning supplies, hangers, a shower curtain, a hamper, and several other items within a week of moving in.

It was a real testament to the caring and engaged community that exists around KCRW. 

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