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Hi there, 

I came to KCRW in 1983. I know, it sounds like a thousand years ago, but let me tell you, it doesn't feel like that at all. Back then, no one knew what the word "eclectic" meant. They'd say electric or look at me funny, and I'd have to explain that the music mix heard on our radio station defied traditional formats, and we played what our ears and hearts dictated, which was and continues to be the best music out there, no matter the genre. 

That ethos continues today, whether listening to Novena Carmel and Anthony Valadez on weekday mornings or chilling out with Travis Holcombe at night. No matter what I'm doing or where I am, KCRW is my soundtrack, it connects me to the world, and keeps me aware of what's happening around town. 

I don't know of another entity that defines and unites Los Angeles like KCRW. 

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Ariana Morgenstern
Executive Producer, Music Dept. and Curator, Today's Top Tune

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