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Hi listeners, 

I’m Sara Fay, and I produce Left, Right & Center and our companion show All The Presidents’ Lawyers.

Not everyone can make shows like these. In fact, I’d argue that it couldn’t happen anywhere else besides KCRW. Since the first episode of Left, Right & Center in 1996, KCRW has recognized the need for a weekly politics show full of good-faith debate, real policy discussion, and a tone that’s (say it with me) civilized yet provocative. For 25 years, we’ve served that up every week. 

And then there’s All The Presidents’ Lawyers, where Josh Barro and criminal defense attorney Ken White talk for 30 minutes every week about the legal problems and fallout from former President Trump. It’s excellent radio that you can’t find anywhere else. 

And the truth is, that’s more important than ever. That phrase is also more overused than ever, but that doesn’t make it less true. 

You don’t just have to take my word for it, either. If we’re able to raise $25,000, by midnight tonight, KCRW board member Jon Owyang and Laurie Owyang will provide an additional $25,000 in funding. They say, “We support KCRW because it keeps us informed and brings together a diverse Southern California community. Programs like Left, Right & Center and Our Body Politic provide food for thought on interesting topics from differing perspectives. In-depth reporting, like Anna Scott's Samaritan series, provides insight into some of our most pressing societal issues. Together, KCRW's programming and events help make our community a better place to live — and that's definitely worth our support.”

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Sara Fay
Producer, Left, Right & Center

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