Thank you for showing you value KCRW for important news, culture, and music

By Jennifer Ferro

Hello listeners,

I want to share a note of gratitude with you for stepping up and making our Good Old Fashioned Pledge Drive a success.

This drive was a reminder of how intimate and special live radio is, and your donations prove how much you value KCRW for important news coverage and enriching culture and music.

There’s nothing like KCRW — I know it, you know it, and with your help, future generations will know it too.

Thank you from all of us,

Jennifer Ferro
KCRW President & Proud KCRW Monthly Member

P.S. Not only did you show up for KCRW, but you also extended your generosity to our food bank partners. Together, we’ll send over 50,000 meals to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.