Give It A Listen: Top Listens at KCRW This Week

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We’re pumping new things into our archives on every single day.  Let us help you choose what you may want to put your ears to this week!

1.  Hockey Culture in Los Angeles on Which Way, La? – Los Angeles isn’t really a city known for their winters.  We Since the Wayne Gretzky era in 1993, LA’s reputation for ice hockey just isn’t what it used to be.  That all may be changing with the King’s winning season.  There might be a lot more hockey ’round these parts than people realize

Stream or download the whole episode here.

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2. Judy Baca on Guest DJ Project – Renowned artist Judy Baca dropped in to tell us about the 5 songs that have shaped her life in different ways.  She talks about her social activism and even tells us a little story about an old neighbor of hers, Richie Valens

Stream or download it here.

3. Joel McHale on The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell – Joel McHale turned several heads when he wandered through KCRW’s studios last week.  The star of NBC’s Community, and host of the E! show The Soup, talked to Elvis Mitchell about how he jumps from one form of social commentary to the other, what audiences stand to gain from ‘Hillbilly Handfishing,’ and why he enjoys being emasculated on television.

Stream it or download it here. 

4. Elizabeth Warren on To The Point –  Elizabeth Warren, Democratic candidate for the US Senate in Massachusetts talks to Warren Olney on To the Point about the need for stronger and more transparent banking regulations.

Stream it or download it here.