Introducing the KCRW Bookworm Book Club

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We are so excited to announce the first ever KCRW virtual book club hosted and led by
Bookworm’s Michael Silverblatt.

Join KCRW’s Bookworm Michael Silverblatt for this exclusive virtual Book Club using the Facebook “Groups” feature. Instead of driving to a monthly meeting in a physical location, participants will engage in an ongoing online conversation and can join in whenever a thought occurs or a comment inspires a response.

Here, people who care about the fine art of writing will join in intelligent discussion and create a respectful and engaged community revolving around books. The audience is limited to members by invitation only, growing organically with those participants who invest their time, interest and literary passion. How much, how little, how often, and how deeply members choose to participate is up to them!

The discussions will be guided by Silverblatt, who says, “I want to see if it’s possible to have a real book group discussion on a social network platform. We’ll be reading three or four books a year. Each time we’ll begin with a list of books that I’ve selected, which we’ll vote on. When we’ve reached a choice, we’ll be discussing the book on facebook. We’ll read the books gradually, a section each week. I’ll be recommending subjects for discussion – I would like to be a guide rather than a group leader.”

Though the book club selections and discussion are separate from Bookworm’s regular programming, word around the KCRW camp indicates that, if successful, there may be some crossover.

“It is my hope that every once in a while we’ll be talking about the work of a living author who will join us in the group and on my show Bookworm,” said Michael Silverblatt.

The Facebook group is growing, and voting among the 7 titles pictured below has already begun. Requests for participation can be submitted through the Bookworm program page at