Joseph Jagenow is KCRW’s April Volunteer of the Month

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Joe Jagenow is a guy you want on your team.  He can take any project with an attitude that is the perfect blend of focus and positivity.  Beyond his work habits, turns out he’s just a total delight to be around.  We are lucky that this talented guy is gracing our halls every week!
Where did you grow up and are you an only child?
I grew up in just outside of Detroit,Michigan.  I have a younger sister; she’s trying to get a job as a zookeeper.

What is your current occupation?

I build condenser microphones for a boutique audio company.  The mics are used in recording studios all over the world, and they sound pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

What is your fantasy occupation?

I would really love to build guitars in my own workshop.  I think that some guitars can be so amazing just to look at, but sound even better in the right hands.

When did you first discover KCRW?

I discovered KCRW after I moved to California in 2006.  I think I discovered the music while driving around at night, probably Raul Campos’ show.  I got hooked when I discovered Warren Olney’s shows, I always learn so much by listening to the people he interviews.

How did you find your way to our station for volunteering?

I studied recording engineering atLong BeachCityCollegewhen I lived down there, and it turned out that Mario Diaz (one of KCRW’s audio engineers) learned the art of recording there as well.  One of my recording instructors was chatting with him when I was at school, and she asked if there were any opportunities to intern with the station.  When she asked us if anyone was interested in working at KCRW, I jumped at the chance!

What’s your current volunteer position and how long have you been at it?

I am the sound intern on Thursdays, so I help out in the studio if a band comes in to record for MBE.  I also help out some of the DJ’s with production assistance, answer phones at the front desk, and lately I’ve been helping the folks in Membership get up to date.

Favorite volunteer moment?

My favorite moment was when I got to see White Denim play live for MBE.  Their performance totally blew me away, and they are the nicest guys in the world.

If you could get on the mic and say one sentence on the air, what would it be?

“I’d like to welcome Radiohead, live in studio on Morning Becomes Eclectic.”

What song have you hit repeat on lately?

‘CaliforniaStars’ by Billy Bragg and Wilco.  They lyrics were written by Woody Guthrie, and I just feel so good every time I hear that song. It reminds me of all the good things in California.

Favorite book, movie?
My favorite book is ‘A Confederacy of Dunces’ by John Kennedy Toole. It has the most ridiculous characters and situations, I laugh out loud when I read it.  My favorite movie is Blow Up, directed my Michelangelo Antonioni.  The scene where the Yardbirds play is really memorable.

Favorite thing to do outside the station (hobbies, recreation, etc.)?

I really like listening to records, playing guitar, hiking, reading books, and cooking at home.

What does KCRW mean to you?

It means really great music, and fascinating news programs.  Every time I tune in to hear Warren Olney or Henry Rollins, I consider myself lucky that there’s a station that gives airtime to people with real integrity.

We are the lucky ones, Joe!  Thank you for all of your hard work.