Join our special community and keep KCRW going

By Tyler Boudreaux

Hi Listener, 

KCRW is truly a special community of music lovers, news heads, and culture junkies. I know this first-hand because from 2016–2020 I was deeply involved with community engagement through the volunteer program. For years I tabled at KCRW events across Southern California, answered your calls and emails, listened to praise and criticism, and shared conversations and laughter. It brought me so much joy to lug giant Connect Four sets to a street fair just so the KCRW space had activities for engagement, and when we stuck large postcards on the wall to create a never-ending story at the Festival of Books. 

The KCRW community is the backbone of our whole operation. As a volunteer, intern, manager, and now DJ, I've learned that opportunities to connect with you, whether over the airwaves or in real life, are the most precious gifts of all.

Your support makes the connection possible. It fuels the truck that loads up the gear. It refills the coffee in the newsroom. Your support keeps KCRW going. Donate to the station you love and the return will come in the form of good music, informative news and culture programming, and a one-of-a-kind community. Join today at $20 monthly, or any amount that works for you, and your gift will be matched by a generous $50,000 grant from KCRW Board Chair Monica Shilling.


Tyler Boudreaux

P.S. Triple your impact with your employer’s matching gift! Check out our list of participating organizations, and contact us if your company would like to join.