Support KCRW — your home on the radio

By Adria Kloke

Hi Listener,

My KCRW story started as a pipe dream. Feeling less than adequate at my corporate TV job and starting to panic about my prospects, I was given some very good advice. “Identify those whose work you triumph … and go work for them.” The stars aligned, and five years later, I can’t imagine my life without KCRW — both as a listener and a staffer. 

I make KCRW’s on-air promos (“spots”), which are the 30-second bits and pieces that fill breaks during and between programs. These spots have a lot of important jobs: They tell you what’s coming up next, urge you to donate your car, tell you about our latest podcast, or invite you to a concert or cultural event. Sometimes, they offer you a moment of serenity

I love producing spots for KCRW because I’m a true fan of the station. So here’s my pitch:

No matter what goes askew — in your life, or in everybody’s — you can turn on KCRW, and return to center. Listen as a habit, and you’ll hear news you didn’t know you needed, and music you didn’t know you loved. Listen to what interests you, and you’ll feel truly seen. Listen to stay connected, or listen to go somewhere else entirely. Listen, marvel, share, repeat.  

And KCRW is always on. Broadcasting. Electromagnetic radio waves emanate constantly from the satellite perched on the roof at KCRW HQ. I like to imagine them wiggling skyward, cartoon-style. The KCRW signal. Steady as a drum, grey skies or golden sunshine, regularly scheduled programming or breaking news updates. News, music, or culture. We’re always on only because of a tiny fraction of our listeners — those who donate. That’s YOU

Before the year ends, make a donation, and it will be doubled thanks to a $35,000 challenge from KCRW Board Member Susan Wright. Donate today. Because if you’re like me, KCRW is your home on the radio. And, in a perfect world, you can always go home. 

Thank you,

Adria Kloke
Director of On-Air Promo