KCRW, The LA Kings Good Luck Charm?

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KCRW is on LA’s team. We love all things Los Angeles!

That’s why we couldn’t be more proud of the LA Kings for making it to the Stanley Cup Finals, which start tonight!

In our own small way, we hope we’ve helped them in their quest to victory by being the sounds that pump them up before games.  We heard through the grapevine that some of the team was listening to us on their way in to the Staples Center.  That inspired us to invite Davis Drewiske to come in and do Guest DJ Project.

He had some teammates that wanted to come and were unable to that day, but they are always welcome back here. (That’s an invitation, fellas!)

On Which Way LA, Warren Olney explored whether LA can become an Ice Hockey Town.   Since our climate isn’t an icy one, Los Angeles hasn’t really been associated closely with the sport since the Gretzky era.  Things are changing, though.  This city is full of spirit and enthusiasm for ice hockey!

Hear the full broadcast here.  Or check out the conversation on our Which Way, LA? Blog.

Since all of our Kings coverage, we can’t help but notice that the team has been doing exceptionally well.

Coincidence? Probably.  But isn’t it more fun to think we’re a cosmic good luck charm for the LA Kings.  Either way, we’re rooting for them!

Hear the story from today’s Morning Edition about Game 1 tonight in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Go Kings!