KCRW’s Walk Japan Sweepstakes

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Experience Japan in a unique & memorable way – Walk Japan is the pioneer of off-the-beaten-track Japanese walking tours. Walk Japan has been selected by National Geographic as one of the 200 Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth.

Our winner will select from many tours offered by Walk Japan. Trip includes flight, accommodations, and meals. The tours are designed for differing levels of difficulty from easy and relaxed to more challenging (make sure you check out their walkjapan.com about the degrees of difficulty). 

You can enjoy the serene tour of the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage, a fully guided, walking tour between the modern, vibrant city of Osaka, the mountain temple community of Koyasan and the imperial shrine in Ise.  Kumano Kodoi s a journey through a thousand years of Buddhist history on Japan’s beautiful Kii Peninsula that connects these iconic sites.

Then there’s the Nakasendo Way beginning in the old city of Kyoto to its end in Edo, modern-day Tokyo. The Nakasendo Way provides a unique, intimate experience of Japan and its people. It is a walking tour that explores one of Japan’s ancient highways, the Nakasendo, which translates literally to ‘the road through the mountains’. The tour starts in Kyoto, an ancient capital and cultural epicenter of Japan, and follows some of the best preserved parts of the old road deep into the mountains.

These are just a few of the unique tours Walk Japan has to offer to our lucky winner and their guest, you may explore other offerings at walkjapan.com.