[Photo Contest] Share your KCRW Swagger for more KCRW Swag

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Swag. Swagger. Steez. Style….. We’ve been tossing around all the hip-hopified synonyms we can drum up to capture the magic that happens when you guys hit the streets in your KCRW Member Swag.

Odds are good you’ve heard us stirring about on #KCRWswagger on the internets. The web team whipped up a great site for the magic to call home, but hey – the KCRW clans took notice and with over 78 photo submissions in less than a week, we decided to take it to a competitive space – and Rob (KCRW’s Web Producer) drummed a handful of crazy awesome prize packages. Check it out….!


WE’VE EXTENDED THE CONTEST ONE WEEK. Run tell your homeboys to upload and vote so you can win cool prizes!  Let’s see which photo submissions line up with the highest rating by 5pm on Friday, 15th!

NOTE: Images from instagram tagged #KCRWswagger will make their way automatically to kcrw.com/swagger, or you can visit the site and directly upload an image from your computer if you wish. Don’t forget to use the share links to encourage your friends to come back and vote for you so you can win awesome prizes!