Photos: Ain’t No Party Like a KCRW Avocado Party!

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This morning Jason Bentley left a bunch of avocados from his backyard avocado tree for his collegues at KCRW.

This morning we learned something important about KCRW staff.  We are all die hard avocado enthusiasts.

Yum. Photo by Abe Rivera
Caitlin Shamberg shows off her newly acquired bounty in the KCRW newsroom.
Tyler Hale has got big plans for this bad boy.
Aurora Bie has unconventional uses for her avocados. Photo by Brandon DeVine
A common sight around the station this morning. Avocados among the paperwork.
Brandon DeVine and Charlene Johnson have more Avocados than they know what to do with.
Volunteer Q is ready to make this into a magnificent guacamole.
KCRW membership is ready for a feast with all of these!
Alyssa King can't contain her excitement.
Rachel Reynolds feels strong with her avocado, and Alyssa King STILL can't hold in her excitement.
All the avocados have been snatched up! Thank you Jason! Photo by Gary Scott
Thank goodness there's a few donuts left, courtesy of volunteer Q! (Thank you Q!) Photo by Gary Scott

Again, many thanks to Jason Bentley for making sure our weekend is filled with deliciousness and essential fatty acids.