Scavenger Hunt Team: 3gulhs

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Here is a peek…

IImage 1nto the story of the the 3guhls… which, as you can probably tell, consists of 3 gals on a mission. This is their story!

They started off rocking it out at Rockaway Records!


Image 2

Image 3

Adventurous from the beginning they hopped on a pedal boat at Echo Park Lake with happy smiles on this sunny day. The thrill continued as one member rolled down the grassy hills of Los Angeles.


Image 4Image 5After all of that it was time for the 3guhls to re-energize. Off they went for some hydration and some juicy oranges at a local farmer’s market and some Tender Greens followed that — yum!


Image 679

Then came time for Downtown where one member acted like an android at the Bradbury Building and looked on to every detail of the unique OOMO cube. As day one came to a close they spotted the bright red lights against the night sky at the MOCA Pacific Design Center.


Image 10Image 12Bright and early and ready for day two! These they began their day in East LA eating at El Tepeyac to fuel their energy for their journey to Santa Barbara. While in Santa Barbara they stopped by the vibrant botanic garden and they even tried to count the vast amount of pennies at the iconic Lucky Penny wall.


Image 14The journey continued back to Los Angeles where they hit up musems like the Museum of Latin American Art and Natural History Museum where one member posed with a dinosaur.

Image 13


Image 15It would be easy to stop their journey there, but this team was committed to greatness and headed south to rack up more points. It’s not an ordinary day when you start in Santa Barbara and end it in Orange County! As the long day was winding down they rewarded themselves with all the sweet treats at the Anaheim Packing District. Way to go 3guhls!

– Leslie Alvarado