Are you listening? Are you out there?

Written by Chery Glaser

Hi there,

I’ve worked at KCRW long enough to know that people are listening at all hours of the day and night. Even at 5 AM when I first go on the air, it’s tempting to think that no one else is awake, but even then, I get emails from listeners with questions and comments. 

What always amazes me is where our members live. Sure, a lot of them are tuning in from LA, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and other parts of Southern California. But lots of others are literally spread all over the map — in places like Portland, Denver, New York, Tokyo, and even Australia. 

KCRW may not be in their physical backyard, but It’s still an important part of their lives, part of their larger community. And that’s why they support this station financially. Won’t you take that step, too?  

Make a donation to KCRW today, and become a part of this community of members across Los Angeles and the world who make everything we do possible. Plus, your donation will be doubled, up to $25,000, thanks to a generous challenge grant from KCRW Champions and music fans Janette and Patrick Nulty.

Here’s what KCRW fans just like you had to say about supporting KCRW.

“I have been listening to KCRW since my dad started driving me to school in the mornings as a kid. At 33 years old, sometimes I feel like my day hasn't started correctly if I don't hear Chery Glaser tell me it's 8:04 AM. I have grown up as an Angeleno with KCRW and cannot imagine life in this city without it.” –Kevin (Canoga Park)

I listen to you every weekday from my hometown of Byron Bay, Australia. I cherish that time with you each day and it keeps me rocking through the day. Thank you!” –JoJo (New Brighton, Australia)

They’ve made a commitment to this station and we hope you’ll do the same by becoming a member during this Fall Pledge Drive. It’s the last day, so let’s make it count!

Thank you,

Chery Glaser
Local Host of Morning Edition