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KCRW has been presented the prestigious Peabody Award, multiple Golden Mike awards, and honors from the L.A. Press Club, among many others. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Hollywood Reporter, Washington Post and Billboard have all praised the station and PC World named KCRW.com in their Top Websites list.


  • "LA's best radio station"
    Vanity Fair
  • "LA's most popular public radio station and it's most influential"
  • “KCRW for 20 years has been home to many talented DJs, programmers and music directors who have carved a niche in radio.”
    Hollywood Reporter
  • ”One of the most influential radio stations in the nation.”
  • "Perhaps the most influential noncommercial radio station in the country"
    Los Angeles Times
  • “(Nic Harcourt) has emerged as the country’s most important disc jockey and a genuine bellwether.”
    New York Times
  • "KCRW has to be the best station in the world."
    David Stephen, CEO, Real World in Red Herring
  • "I like listening to KCRW. It's a great public radio station -- the best in the country."
    Tracey Ullman in Los Angeles
  • "KCRW is a force in the marketplace because it appeals to a highly motivated demographic.... In politics they call these people key multipliers. By getting to one of them you get to 1,000."
    Ty Braswell, Elecktra Entertainment, in L.A. Style
  • "KCRW's website (www.kcrw.com) has a cult following online"
    Yahoo Internet Life
  • "...a small cramped public radio station (that is L.A.'s) main broadcast forum for serious issues."
    New York Times
  • KCRW.com named among the Top 99 Websites by PC Magazine