Buzz Around Town


  • "LA's best radio station"
    Vanity Fair
  • "LA's most popular public radio station and it's most influential"
  • “KCRW for 20 years has been home to many talented DJs, programmers and music directors who have carved a niche in radio.” 
    Hollywood Reporter
  • ”One of the most influential radio stations in the nation.”
  • "Perhaps the most influential noncommercial radio station in the country"
    Los Angeles Times
  • “(Nic Harcourt) has emerged as the country’s most important disc jockey and a genuine bellwether.”
    New York Times
  • "KCRW has to be the best station in the world."
    David Stephen, CEO, Real World in Red Herring
  • "I like listening to KCRW. It's a great public radio station -- the best in the country."
    Tracey Ullman in Los Angeles
  • "KCRW is a force in the marketplace because it appeals to a highly motivated demographic.... In politics they call these people key multipliers. By getting to one of them you get to 1,000."
    Ty Braswell, Elecktra Entertainment, in L.A. Style
  • "KCRW's website ( has a cult following online"
    Yahoo Internet Life
  • "...a small cramped public radio station (that is L.A.'s) main broadcast forum for serious issues."
    New York Times
  • named among the Top 99 Websites by PC Magazine