Santa Barbara News Intern Application

The KCRW news intern in Santa Barbara will work with our news team to pursue local stories in an interesting, engaging way through all mediums.

If you pursue an intern position, it's important that you take the commitment seriously. The internship lasts 6 months, at a minimum time commitment of 6 hours a week during normal Mon-Fri office hours 10am-5pm. We recommend only applying if you live in Santa Barbara or Ventura County since understanding and interacting with the community is a large part of this internship.

Your perks of this experience

  • Learn to form a well-focused story
  • Use audio equipment and editing software
  • Practice writing for broadcast news

Our perks of this experience

  • An extra pair of story-scouting ears within the community
  • Writing and editing support when preparing for newscasts
  • Web and social media skills

If you are interested in becoming a news intern for Santa Barbara, please fill out the form below. Include any comments that will help us match your talents with our needs. If you have additional questions or would like to provide additional documents, email the Volunteer & Outreach Manager at or call at 424-538-8814.