SMC Internship Application

*This internship is for students currently enrolled at Santa Monica College. In order for your application to be considered, you must be an active Santa Monica College student with SMC email address to join*

Interns start out in audience services at the front desk of our offices during business hours. This assignment consists of answering incoming phone calls ranging from listener inquiries, to standard business calls, to many things in between and beyond. It also includes other day-to-day administrative tasks, such as distributing e-faxes, taking membership subscriptions and concerns, and assisting with mailings.

Working in the office is the best way to become familiar with the station, its programming and personnel. Office interns also provide a service critical to our daily operations. If you pursue an intern position, it's important that you take the commitment seriously. The bare minimum time commitment is one four-hour shift, one day a week, for the whole semester. The shifts are as follows:

9:00A - 12:00N
12:00N - 3:00P
3:00P - 6:00P

Intern activity generally takes place on weekdays, during office hours. We try to be as accommodating as possible, but if the above time constraints preclude you from providing time on a regular basis, you may consider coming back next semester.

If you are interested in becoming an office intern, please complete the questionnaire below. Include any comments that will help us match your talents with our needs. Thank you for your submission. If you have additional questions or would like to provide additional documents, email the Audience Services & Volunteer Coordinator at

College credit is possible for this experience, but not required.

Please submit your completed application one month before the start of the Spring or Fall Semesters.