Welcome to the new KCRW.com.

It's been a year since our Campaign for KCRW.com and even longer since we began planning for an update to our website. Initially, we were looking toward simple tweaks and adjustments to our then existing website. We listened to user feedback, took stock of amazing technological advancements, and witnessed a dramatic growth of our vast audio and video archive. Our website needs had grown way beyond it's initial plans.

ye old kcrw

Our saffron colored rearview mirror website could only expand so far. Over the past 6 years, the good old site grew and morphed and expanded nearly to the point of bursting – and occasionally beyond.

We needed new navigation and organization, more information, better lines of communication, easier access to audio and video streams, archives, and podcasts, significant enhancements to our events calendar, More news, More music, More of everything else, that makes KCRW the diverse and eclectic place it is.


The new site has been designed and built by kapow, inc. and Kaivo Software, Inc. Their tireless efforts have provided KCRW with new tools to schedule shows, organize events, and provide you with images and content in new ways. There are new ways to see what's coming up and new ways to browse, search and explore our vast archives and collection of stories, interviews, news, music, etc.

There is much left to be done in our new online home. Not all our furniture is moved in yet, and you can expect we'll be adding a new room or two in the weeks and months ahead. We are very much under construction.

Still, there’s a lot here. A lot for you to listen to, look at and read.

Please, spend some time in our new home, wag our long tail, rediscover the amazing cacophony or knowledge, entertainment and culture that is KCRW.

We hope you enjoy our new website and look forward to you coming back again and again to see all the wonderful and cool stuff we have in store.