Best of 2022: Listeners’ Choice

From our Best Albums to our Favorite Songs to the minutiae of our DJ and Staff Picks, KCRW Music has left no sonic stone unturned when it comes to serving up the finest cuts of music that kept us moving, thinking, and feeling in 2022. But there’s one key element missing from our robust aural assessment: You! 

We asked, and y’all answered. Over 24 hours, KCRW listeners heeded our open call on Instagram to hit us with your best (album) shot, and the results are as delightful, taste making, and, dare we say, eclectic, as you are.

Behold! The results of KCRW’s first annual Listener’s Choice: Album poll. 

And the winner is…

Beyoncé – Renaissance

Runners up:

Say She She – Prism 
Thee Sacred Souls – Thee Sacred Souls 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cool It Down
Stromae – Multitude
Harry Styles – Harry's House
Bad Bunny – Un Verano Sin Ti
Greentea Peng – GREENZONE 108 

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