10 things to tell New Yorkers before they move to LA

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As trend pieces go, the latest New York Times style piece “Los Angeles and Its Booming Creative Class Lures New Yorkers” managed to jam all the classic cliches into one column. And even create a few new ones along the way. We’ll let others do the debunking.

What is true, however, is that plenty of New Yorkers move to L.A. every year for myriad reasons. So if you’re interested in slowing that westward migration as much as possible, here are 10 things to tell your New York friends (or strangers for that matter) to keep them from boarding a plane:

1. There’s not a vacuum in LA’s creative class. We already have plenty of visual artists, designers and media industry professionals trying desperately to make a living. No vacancies, check back later!

2. None of your LA friends will know you’re engaged. No one reads the New York Times’ wedding section.

3. Your superiority complex will wither. You’ve laughed at ‘The Californians’ on SNL for years, what are you going to start making fun of San Diego? That’s low.

4. Don’t be surprised if you’re ticketed for jaywalking.

5. Last call is 1:45! We stay home and we go to bed early.

6. L.A. likes breakfast more than brunch. Since we got plenty of sleep the night before we’d just as soon as scarf a breakfast burrito and get on with the day.

7. We don’t have any bone broth bars… yet.

8. Your kid might get measles. 

9. Your New Yorker magazines will come late.

10. You will never want to leave.

Below: we asked Twitter for advice for New Yorkers on the brink of moving to LA