KCRW is always on LA. Introducing our new look.

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You may have noticed things look a little different around here. Today we’re proud to share our refreshed brand and message, which are inspired first and foremost by you.

KCRW has always been more than a radio station: We’re a gathering place, a site of communion and connection. When you turn on the dial or press play on a KCRW podcast, you too belong to Los Angeles. We’ve partnered with the agency work x work, the creative team behind On Air Fest and a longtime friend of KCRW, to develop a new look and messaging that’s reflective of where we come from, who we are today, and where we’re growing.

“We wanted work x work to tackle our refresh because they look at audio the way we do as a vehicle for creating community engagement." 

- Jennifer Ferro, KCRW President

Image of courtyard with KCRW logo and crowd

Our new visual identity is rooted in our longstanding commitment to being LA’s always-on connection to music, news, culture, and each other — on the radio, online, and in-person.

Always on LA

Part of our DNA is that we’re on 24/7 to share the news, music, food, art and culture that resonates most. We will always be here for you and because of you. We are proud to say that through our work, we belong to LA.

Over and over again in our research, we kept hearing the words ‘belonging’ and ‘connection.’ We quickly realized that KCRW is a value beyond the content. It’s part of the social fabric of LA. And we wanted to express that in the branding.”

- Scott Newman, Creative Director, work x work

What you’ll see

Sketch of new KCRW Logo

"We love the logo we have used since 2014, but we knew changing it would represent a truth about KCRW, which is that we're constantly evolving. So rather than adopt a wildly new look, we wanted something that kept one foot in our recent past. You could say we wanted to redo the kitchen, not rebuild the entire house.”

-Jennifer Ferro, KCRW President

As you take a look around our site and encounter KCRW out in the world, you’ll see our new logo surrounded by a frame. The frame shape-shifts and morphs, and it zooms in and expands outward. Just like our city, the frame is infinitely mutable, forever in motion. It’s as energetic and unexpected as LA.

We’re also debuting new color, typography and photography, reflective of the diversity and dynamism of our community. We collaborated with LA-based photographer Daniel Topete who spent several weeks documenting the energy you can only find in Southern California.

Palette of color and font styles

KCRW’s Mission

A community driven by the spirit of Los Angeles, KCRW aspires to connect the interesting to the interested, growing a hyper-engaged LA-based collective through one-of-a-kind experiences. Always excellent, essential, and accessible, we’re the exclusive club that everyone is invited to.

We are the curator of the LA experience — your guide to understanding the diverse communities and cultures of the region, spotlighting unique perspectives through original programming and hand-picked content. Always free, never behind a paywall.