An odd musical pairing, at first

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Corea_Fleckv2There’s an interesting duo coming to town. Two instruments you might not think go together.

Jazz piano, and banjo.

If you have your doubts, take a closer listen. Renowned banjo player Béla Fleck is coming to the Lobero Theater tonight to play with pianist Chick Corea. The two have had a longstanding relationship on stage. KCRW’s Jonathan Bastian caught up with Fleck before the show.

“I have a mission for the banjo. I want to get over the stereotypes of it being just a white, Southern instrument. I think it deserves better.”

– Béla Fleck

Béla Fleck and Chick Corea play the Lobero Theater on Tuesday, September 15th and the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday, September 16th.