Announcing the KCRW Drama Club

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Okay, you love good theater, right?  You like hanging out with friends, yes? And, let’s be honest, you don’t mind a nice beverage from time to time?backstage-with-anthony-byrnes

Well, if you answered yes to at least two of those three questions, the KCRW Drama Club is for you. We’re going to kick off the club in a couple of weeks at the Broad Stage with Lisa Dwan’s “Beckett Trilogy.”  It’ll be a chance for you to see a stunning show, hang out with friends new and old, have a drink, and get discounted tickets to Opening Night.

I’ll be talking more about Lisa Dwan’s performance over the next couple of weeks but for now have a look at what Ben Brantley said in the New York Times when the show performed at BAM last year.  Or read the note about the show

During the performance, all lights are switched off including Emergency Exit Lights. You will experience a total blackout. In the event of an Emergency, lights will be immediately switched back on.

This performance is 55 minutes in complete darkness. There is a three minute pause between each of the three pieces during which time we will stay in total blackout.

Who can say no to 55 minutes of complete darkness with Samuel Beckett?  Not me.

Grab your favorite theater friends, sign up and join me and your favorite KCRW friends for a night of theater.

Sign up here for more info.