Art inspired by architecture in Silver Lake: One month only

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Hey all you people who hate going east of the 405: I’ve got three good reasons for you to make the trek.

1. The divine meadow adjacent to the Silver Lake Reservoir (take a picnic, and the kids, but not the dogs, and see for yourself some of the outdoor splendors we eastsiders enjoy!)

2. Across from the street from the Reservoir is the mid-century modern gem, Neutra house. It’s one of the architect’s first homes and the one he in which he raised his kids.

3. And inside the Neutra home, site-specific–better yet, site-inspired, art by French artist Xavier Veilhan, which is on display through mid-September.

Seems that Veilhan got to live in the Neutra house with his family for a month. After using the same kitchen and bathroom and staring at the same trees as the late Austrian architect, Veilahan got to work, making artworks that are now on view to the public.

There’s even a sound installation, as our art critic Hunter Drohojowska-Philp explains: “When Nicolas Godin of the French band Air heard of this project, he became involved and composed music for this installation that incorporates the speech of Neutra.”

All of the works will be sold once the exhibit is down, and Veilhan will donate the money to ongoing efforts to preserve this Neutra.

Through September 16th; details at