As Solstice counts down, crunch time revs up

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IMG_20150615_165350442It’s coming.

In two days, sci-fi inspired floats and performers will parade down State Street for thousands to see.

For the past two months, the Community Art Workshop, on the corner of Garden and Ortega Street, has been the dedicated spot for creation and construction. Now, it’s crunch time. KCRW’s Kathryn Barnes threw on her closed toed shoes and took a peek at the hustle.


Papier-mâchéing a giant bug is laborious.
Artist John Sinclair atop his cloud mobile.
The Solstice’s technical director, Jim Wilshusen.
J’Nelle Holland knows how to fit a beetle mask.


IMG_20150615_163656064_HDRApart from the months leading up to Solstice, the workshop is normally vacant.

Local artists and politicians hope that will change soon. The City of Santa Barbara entered a lease agreement with the Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative to develop the space, and a campaign is now continuing to fund the project.

Once finished, the Santa Barbara Community Art Workshop will be a permanent home for Solstice construction, and an affordable, accessible space for various artistic endeavors throughout the rest of the year.

This video kicked off the campaign.


Inspiration for a gang of juvenile bug delinquents that call themselves “Insecticide.”