Backstage at Disneyland

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Who hasn’t been the wee bit tempted to sprint down the hall to the dancing candelabra in Disneyland’s “Haunted Mansion” ride, or jump out of the boat on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” to perch on that beach with the crying gull? Of course, the candelabra is a reflection and Disneyland’s security is the stuff of lore, so you’ve likely followed the rules like the millions and millions who came before you and the millions on their way. But check out this treasure trove of pictures of presumably former cast members being a little naughty posted at Imgur by stoopidtrooper.

Surrendering to the Abominable Snowman (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

The timing of the photos are little unclear — the controls on Big Thunder Mountain look a little dated; the hairstyles of the men look sorta OC surfer  in the 1990s.  Plus no photo of Johnny Depp’s addition to Pirates, nor pictures of either a refurbished “Space Mountain” or “Star Tours.”   In the interest of full disclosure, my family and I are annual pass holders, and we make the trek there at least four times a year. I have a freeway short-cut, a walking short-cut and good restaurant tips. Here’s one way to keep sane: The park is designed to guide walkers to stay to the right. To avoid being caught up in the herd, veer left.