Beauty abounds in #Twitterartexhibit (and all for a good cause)

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When Nat George told me about the “Twitter Art Exhibit” my interest was piqued. Yeah, I Tweet, I Facebook, I (obviously) blog.  But what could be artistic about any of THAT?  It’s all such noise, isn’t it?  However, I try to find art in everything, everywhere I go and living in Los Angeles has put a fine point on that practice.

On the one hand, we are surrounded by gritty freeway concrete ugliness, and on the other, there is the sun, those mountains, which on a clear day like today are so glorious you want to jump up and soak up the clear cool air. So maybe Twitter’s a good place to look too.

George and others have used that chubby bird to curate post-card sized art from the Twittersphere, an idea she (fittingly) learned about from a friend from Norway (who she met on Twitter). And by selling the art they’ve gathered, they’ll raise money for a worthy cause.

Listen to our talk to find out the details, which involve an opening this weekend at Exhale Unlimited Gallery in Chinatown: