Can Elon Musk fix the 405?

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Frances Anderton interviews Elon Musk

Frances Anderton, creator of KCRW’s Design and Architecture show and website, interviewed Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. They talked about the future of transportation (think: Hyperloop) and why he thinks it’s important to become a “multi-planet civilization.”

Musk, who admitted he’s a car guy, also has to suffer through L.A. traffic, so Anderton pressed him for his solution to the problem (jetpacks?). Turns out he’s thought it through. He said that L.A. needs to  doubledecker the freeway with prefabricated metal segments. “I’ve literally got a design that would do that really efficiently, but I’ve got to focus on Tesla and SpaceX,” he said. And, yes, he promises he can make it look good.