Cirque without the circus

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Cirque du Soleil…for free. The catch? There won’t be an acrobat contorting anywhere near by (at least not one employed by the famous performance group.)

It’s an evening showcasing musicians from various Cirque shows. There are seven of those shows on at the moment in Vegas alone, and Cirque’s corporate mandate is to give the creative types who make their success possible a bit of,well, poetic license to do their own work. So 20 or so musicians who typically perform the accompaniment are getting a chance to “flex their creative muscles,” says Roger Butterly of the Cirque empire (who served as creative director on this particular project.)

Dina Emerson, originally of Santa Barbara, is one of them.  She’s a vocalist in Mystere, but performs on the side with a musical group called Vox Indigo.  We talked to her and Cirque du Soleil’s Pam Gregory, who has the lofty title of director of global citizenship.   (That’s corporate-talk for ‘we want to give back.’)

Thursday at the pier at 7pm; free