Disney acquires Lucasfilm, announces upcoming ‘Star Wars’

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Disney CEO Robert Iger, left, and Lucasfilm founder George Lucas

Disney is paying just over $4.05 billion to buy the production company behind “Star Wars” from its chairman and founder, George Lucas.

It’s also making a seventh “Star Wars” movie, set for release in 2015, with plans to follow it with two more episodes, and then one new movie every two or three years.

Disney announced the purchase agreement in cash and stock Tuesday.

The deal includes Lucasfilm’s high-tech production companies, Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound, as well as rights to the “Indiana Jones” franchise.

Lucasfilm is the latest addition to the Disney banner, joining Pixar, Marvel, ESPN and ABC.

KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis talked to Kim Masters, host of ​The Business, about the news of the sale.