Donnelly running for governor: Says state is ‘broken’

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Assemblyman and self-described Tea Partier Tim Donnelly says California is a mess – and he’s the man to fix it. The Lake Arrowhead GOP lawmaker has jumped into the race for governor. He says Gov. Jerry Brown has failed to fix the state’s ailing economy and has partnered with the Legislature to pass laws restricting civil liberties. In a campaign video that is alternately apocryphal and humorous, Donnelly calls the current state of affairs “an epic fail!”…A federal appeals court has struck a blow against gang injunctions. The justices said a sweeping ban in Orange County cannot be applied to dozens of people because it was overly broad gave them no way to challenge claims that they were gang members. The ruling could have implications statewide, especially in Los Angeles, where police have successfully obtained gang injunctions in many neighborhoods..L.A. City Councilman Mike Boner wants a wide-ranging review of the emergency response following last week’s deadly shooting at LAX. Boner says passengers received little or no information and some were stranded for hours in the shooting’s chaotic aftermath. Police have generally been praised for their response. But many passengers complained that nobody was available to tell them what happened, or what they should do next…finkeJournalist Nikki Finke created Deadline Hollywood, which helped change the way Hollywood is covered. But now she’s out over tensions with owner Jay Penske. Finke sold the web site to Penske in 2009 but agreed to stay on. She’s talking about starting a new web site to compete with Deadline…The L.A. City Council has agreed to look for a company to provide free wireless Internet access citywide. Officials expect the project to cost up to $5 billion, with the vendor footing the bill. In return, the city would make available streetlights, power poles and outbuildings to build up the network’s infrastructure…giant sequioaAnd finally, a 130-year-old giant sequoia planted by naturalist John Muir near his home in the San Francisco Bay area has been successfully cloned. A Michigan group collected cuttings earlier this year and now says that roots have started to grow. The original tree is 75 feet tall, but it’s dying from fungal diseases.