First in line at the Apple store: ‘I feel like an iCloud’

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Francisco Naranjo from East L.A.was first in line for an iPhone 5 at the Pasadena store. The frame he’s holding is of the L.A. Times story about him the last time he was customer number one.

As you probably know, the iPhone 5 officially hit stores today and people have been lining up to get inside to buy the new toy phone.  KCRW’s Saul Gonzalez checked out the Apple store in Old Town Pasadena where he met  Francisco Naranjo from East L.A., an Apple fan/addict who was the first in line and had been camping out since Tuesday to get his new iPhone. “Once you have an Apple product you are a loyal fan,” said Naranjo,”you just have to be here and be the first in line.” To eat, Naranjo has been ordering food to be delivered, telling them ” I’m at the Apple store, I’m the first one in line.”

What’s it like to be customer number one? “It’s more like a dream, I think I feel like an iCloud,” he said.

Here’s a bit from their conversation: