Foes targeting transgender rights law, once again

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take their fight to voters.

Activists with a group called Privacy for All are collecting signatures for what they call the Personal Privacy Protection Act: a proposition proposed for next year’s ballot. The initiative would require people to use bathrooms, showers and locker rooms “in accordance with their biological sex in all government buildings.”

Alleged victims could sue anyone who violates the law or the agency that manages the facilities. The measure would also protect businesses that require transgender customers to use bathrooms based on their sex at birthtransgender

Backers of the law say it’s helping to erode discrimination against transgender people and alleviate bullying.

Last year, opponents failed to collect enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. Because of low voter turnout, however, that threshold has become easier to cross. Privacy for All will need to collect about 366,000 signatures to qualify for next year’s ballot, compared to the 505,000 required last year.