Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2014! We hope that you have been paying attention to our friends over at Sonic Trace this week. They have been highlighting stories of love and marriage that transcend cultural and international boundaries. Like that of Anaheim native Darlene, and her Aussie husband Steve, whose story began 8,000 miles away, forty years ago this month. And thanks to Google Maps, we can see approximately where they met.

If your story isn’t one taken from the pages of a romance novel, there’s still hope. Even if you didn’t attend speed dating event on the Metro Red Line between North Hollywood and Union Station. LAist has thrown together a list of some last minute Valentines Day options for “stragglers and singles.”

If you’re not single and today’s holiday slipped your mind until now, LA Weekly has some suggestions for how to put together an over-the-top night for your date. And likely go from riches to rags in the process. If you’re not up for such extravagance, print out the  “Which Way, L.A.?” Valentine’s Day card (below), and tune in to hear the soothing voice of Warren Olney.