Has tuition gone up at your alma mater?

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UC Berkeley Campus

The data team over at WNYC has this nifty calculator to help visualize just how expensive getting a college degree has gotten. Rising tuition is a particularly  important issue here in California. Just last Wednesday, Cal State Trustees approved a possible five percent hike if Prop 30 does not pass. The Los Angeles Times reported:

Failure of Proposition 30, backed by the governor, would trigger a $250 million funding cut to the Cal State system. The 5% tuition hike — equal to $150 per semester — would raise an estimated $58 million in revenue for 2012-13, officials said.

For one of my coworkers, who graduated from Cal in the mid ’80s, tuition has increased about 340 percent since her days on the Berkeley campus.  Ouch. Find out how much your tuition has increased after the jump.