Home is where the Hef is for Playboy Mansion buyer

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But if you buy it, you’ll have to make room for a certain octogenarian, and perhaps some bunnies as well.HEFNER

Playboy Enterprises has announced that it’s asking $200 million for the six-acre Holmby Hills estate, grotto and all.

The company says any deal will be  contingent on allowing 89-year-old Hugh Hefner to live in the home until he dies.

The main house has 29 rooms, vast lawns, lush gardens, aviaries and a tennis court. It’s also one of the few homes in L.A., with a zoo license.

Now, $200 million is a whole lot of money, even in Holmby Hills. It’s way more than what other properties in the area have fetched recently. And the main residence is not in great shape – some Realtors call it a teardown. Playboy is evidently hoping that the famed property – home to some of L-A’s wildest parties over the years – will bring a premium because of its status as a palace of Hollywood hedonism.Playboy_455e34_5650503

The listing of the Playboy Mansion comes months after the company announced that it’s getting rid of most nudity as part a makeover intended to attract a younger audience.

The magazine has seen its circulation dip to about 800,000, down from a high of 5.7 million in the 1970s. Soft-core magazines apparently just don’t cut it in a world of Internet porn. The March edition of Playboy will be the first in decades without full nudity.