KCRW can’t keep going without you. We need 500 passionate supporters like you to help us unlock our future!

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Hi there,

Today, the Power in Numbers Drive comes to an end, and we have one important question for you: will you count yourself in? We need 500 passionate supporters like you to help us unlock our future! 

You already know your role in making everything we do possible: covering and contextualizing the news, hosting and presenting one-of-a-kind events, discovering and sharing culture in Los Angeles, highlighting emerging artists, shaping the public media landscape, and most importantly, upholding the integrity of a free and open press. 

Take an active part in providing the funding we need to operate with confidence, especially in this uncertain world.

Now is the time. Become a monthly member today. We need 500 supporters to donate by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to help us unlock $25,000, provided by KCRW Board Member Susan Wright.

Susan supports KCRW for many reasons, but most importantly: “KCRW is not just voices from a box. It’s like getting a daily call from your best friend who is comforting and very, very cool.”

We work hard every day at KCRW HQ, in the field, and from home offices across Southern California, and we can’t keep it all going without you. Count yourself in once more by becoming a member at $20/month or any level before the Power in Numbers Drive is over in a few hours.

Thank you for doing your part for this public resource,

All of us here at KCRW

P.S. If you’ve already supported us during the Power in Numbers Drive, thank you!

P.P.S. Everyone who gives during the Power in Numbers Drive will be automatically entered into our Catalina Island Sweepstakes.* You could win a trip for four to Catalina including amenities. 

*No contribution necessary to enter. Rules can be found at KCRW.com/give