In Pasadena, Cars of the Past and Future

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Photo by Tod Mesirow.

The cars of the past continue to take car design into the future.

Last weekend in Pasadena, both old and new designs were on display at the Art Center College of Design.

Automotive writer Tod Mesirow – who produces a number of television shows, including “Through the Wormhole” with Morgan Freeman – walked along the campus surrounded by more than 50 cars from all eras of automotive design.

Steve Chiotakis sat down with Mesirow to talk about what the future might hold.

“We’re looking at the future where we’re integrating ourselves and our appliances with robots and sleek looking machines,” Merisow said.

He added that cars evoke the mood of the era they are born into. Based on the designs he saw, the cars of our future will reflect our techocentric lifestyles.