Introducing the 2019 Radio Race finalists

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Where the sun don't shine. That was the theme of KCRW's 7th Annual 24-Hour Radio Race

Hundreds of producers around the world set off on a Saturday morning in August to make a nonfiction audio story in a day. KCRW's editorial staff judged all 165 submissions based on creativity, storytelling, technical skill and incorporation of the theme. Some participants interpreted the theme quite literally while others took a figurative approach. Either way, we were delighted by the breadth of storytelling and struck by the amount of TLC the 2019 participants put into their pieces. 

The Radio Race is an opportunity to make something inventive; it's also a lot of fun. The level of excitement and enthusiasm around this overnight competition never fails. This year, social media highlights included live music, a questionable forehead tattoo and a bathtub recording studio.

Without further ado, here are the top 11 finalists for the 2019 Radio Race! 

Next up: Industry judges will pick the top three winners. This year's industry judges include Sharon Mashihi, editor of The Shadows and KCRW’s Bodies, An Uong, Engagement strategist at AIR, Diarmuid McIntyre, Hearsay founder, N’Jeri Eaton, Deputy Director of Programming & New Audience at NPR and Steve Chiotakis, host of KCRW’s Greater LA.

Thank you to everyone who participated. And thank you to our sponsors: the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR), Public Radio Exchange (PRX), WNYC's Werk It and

Everyone who participated and completed a piece in this year's Race will receive a KCRW membership. Plus one winner will receive the Werk It Award, one will be featured on KCRW's Nocturne podcast and another will receive the Social Butterfly Award. (These winners won’t necessarily be included in the top 11.)

Click here to listen to our official Radio Race playlist with all 165 submissions.