LA fans are ready for the newly relocated Rams

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To answer the rhetorical question, “Yes, we are ready for some football.”

For the first time in more than 20 years, LA football fans can root for the home team in an NFL game.

The newly re-minted LA Rams will be in the national spotlight when they take on the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara on Monday Night Football. It’s the last game of the NFL’s opening weekend. But heck, we’ve waited this long, so what’s another day?

Kickoff Monday evening will mark the end of a torturous odyssey for local fans. The past two decades have been filled with one failed stadium proposal proposal after another, prodigious bloviating by billionaires and more empty promises by politicians than most of us would care to remember.

But that’s all behind us now. The Rams may not turn out to be the best team in football, but they are ours.

LA Daily News sports writer Jack Wang says, short of the Super Bowl, there are a couple of things in particular to be excited about.

“There’s Todd Gurley, the star running back. He’s probably the most exciting young running back in the game right now. There was thought last year that they might have drafted him a little bit too high, just because he was coming off a sever knee injury. He pretty much dissuaded all those concerns once he started playing. He’s going to be probably the cornerstone of their offense for many years to come,” Wang says.

“Also the defensive line. With Aaron Donald in the middle. Robert Quinn, who missed most of last season with a back injury, back and looking healthy. Those are two guys who can really anchor the defensive line and make it arguably the best in the league.”