Lawmakers ask FCC to help end Dodger TV impasse

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Some local lawmakers want the Federal Communications Commission to jump into the Dodgers TV mess.

Eight Congressional representatives from the L.A. area have signed a letter asking the FCC to mediate a dispute between Time Warner Cable and most of the region’s other major television providers.
Time Warner, which is paying the Dodgers $7 billion for exclusive TV rights, has been unable to make deals with those companies, leaving about 70 percent of Dodgers fans in the dark.

The letter was authored by Rep. Tony Cardenas, who says he hopes to get a response in two or three weeks. The Dodgers say they’re open to the FCC getting involved.

Almost two-thirds of the season has passed without a resolution. Blacked out fans have missed a pair of Dodger no hitters. There’s also concern that legendary broadcaster Vin Scully could retire after this season, with many fans missing his final calls.

On the field things are looking better: The Dodgers beat the Giants 4-3 last night in San Francisco, completing a three-game sweep. The wins vaulted the Dodgers over their northern California rival into first place in their division.

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