Life After Oscar: Editor Kirk Baxter

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“The second time, when it came around, it was a giant surprise, which was apparent in our acceptance speech, which was sort of like a couple of dodos up there,” Baxter says. “And then the headline in Australia quickly became ‘the tongue-tied high school dropout,’ which my mother was quite upset about.”

On the other hand, Baxter says winning Oscars has improved his standing with his mother-in-law, and the notoriety came in handy when he set out to buy house.

Baxter spoke to KCRW about life after Oscar.

We’re catching up with Academy Award winners of a year ago who aren’t household names and don’t appear on the covers of magazines. What has winning an Academy Award meant for them? Does getting that little golden man bring you a bounty of opportunities you never thought possible? Or do you still have to hustle  for that next film project, even with those magic words “Academy Award Winner” right before your name? Find all of these interviews here.